Find your bliss with Staci at two different locations:  Long Beach and West LA


1444 Carmelina Ave #132
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Hours         Sunday 9am-8pm
                   Monday 9am-9pm

Enter through the door on Carmelina. Co-located with an acupuncturist on the first floor. 

Please use street parking instead of the lot. There are several options but please note the street signs on Carmelina. (One side has 1-hour parking, the other has 2-hour parking. Also be careful of street cleaning!) Additional parking is available on Ohio. 

Please note the outside gate of the building is locked after 6pm Monday and all day Sunday. Just call or text me and I’ll come open the front door. 


Naples Permanent Beauty
5520 E 2nd Street #6
Long Beach, CA 90803

Hours        Tuesday - Thursday 9am-10pm
                   Friday 9am-7pm
                   Saturday 9am-6pm