Located in West Los Angeles, Massage By Staci offers personalized therapeutic massage and relaxing bodywork for your specific needs. My goal is to provide healing treatments that restore, rejuvenate and reenergize your body and mind. 

I am a nationally and state certified massage therapist and Reiki III practitioner. I received my training through the Cortiva Institute 800-hour program in Chicago and have continued my education at the World School of Massage in San Francisco, National Bodywork Seminars, and the LMT Success Group. I offer a variety of massages that are customized to address your specific needs and ensure you get the most out of your session. For detailed information, please visit the Services page. 

My practice is driven by the belief that bodywork should be accessible to everyone. My massages are priced so that it’s possible for my clients to receive regular massages, at least once or twice per month. My packages are also intended to save clients money if they plan to have regular visits. Massage shouldn’t be a luxury but maintenance. 

I am absolutely passionate about bodywork and anatomy. I use strategy and intuition in my bodywork to provide pain relief, relieve tension, or simply to help you relax. Each session is designed specifically to your individual needs and I am able to work both clinically and energetically.

Structural health is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Proper posture and properly using your body to work against gravity is the foundation upon which everything else related to your health is built.

I believe in practicing yoga, stretching, and using the body for movement in as many ways we can. I encourage my clients to practice a healthy diet, exercise, and self-care to nourish the mind and soul, improve quality of life, and to complement the bodywork I provide. 

I also work with the subtle body, or our energetic/spiritual sides, to facilitate the release and resolution of any issues or unbalanced energy. My goal is to provide holistic treatment that tends to the body, mind and spirit.

While my work includes the whole body, I specialize in neck and shoulder release. I provide deep structural work to free and mobilize those areas as many often hold stress and tension in those areas. My speciality is providing relief from tension headaches and getting to the source of muscular pain in the neck shoulders and jaw that often cause headaches in various parts of the head. 

I am also nationally certified in personal training and can also recommend stretches and exercises to help correct muscle imbalances or pain.

-Staci Nicoletti, LMT





  • NASM


  • AMTA Member

  • Reiki III